Take Me Out!

For those of you who don’t know… I’m an 18 year old girl from Southern California. Why does that matter exactly? Because I’d like to emphasize that 95% of girls (especially the ones I know) under the age of 20 don’t give a shit about professional sports, unless the players are hot or publicized more so than other (*cough* Kobe *cough*). I am one of these girls. Professional sports go right over my head, for the most part. I work in a sports-bar style restaurant where we only play games and where people come to watch games and enjoy a moderately priced meal. I’m the kind of girl who offers to work on the day of the Super Bowl because I would have no plans to watch it. I like sports, don’t get me wrong, and games are always fun to attend, but I just don’t really understand them nor know any players, so I’m a little on-the-outs when I hang out with guys and watch games.

There is one exception; and that would be baseball.

Baseball is just great, I don’t even know how to explain why, it just is. Games are always a blast, you just get to eat hotdogs, drink beer, observe millions of attractive guys, and buy overpriced merchandise. I actually enjoy the sport too. I just like the way a game is laid out… you get to see a team play in two different ways – batting and fielding. Now I’d just like to preface that I’m not a crazy wild fanatic that NEEDS one certain team to win every single time, I just like to watch the game. I have some favorite teams, of course, and there are only a few that I just can not stand, but I’m always open to learning about a new team. Like yesterday…

I went to my first Angels game! I have always supported my home teams (Padres and Dodgers), but ever since I moved to LA, all of my new friends are crazy Angels fans! Anaheim is halfway between my home in San Diego and my home in LA… why not give them a shot? SO much fun. I’ve never been a girl that wears a lot of red, but seeing a stadium full of red was fascinating somehow… beautiful, really! I went with a few friends, one of them a die-hard fan, so she helped me learn everything I needed to know about the team and really got me to like them. Getting to know the players helps a lot too, when attending your first game somewhere.

Can we just take a minute to wonder how the Angels somehow scored 99% of all attractive professional baseball players? CJ Wilson, Peter Bourjos, Josh Hamilton, Mark Trumbo, Howard Kendrick, Ryan Madson, Sean Burnett, John Hester, Andrew Romine, and my personal favorite Mike Trout. Seriously, guys… it’s a beautiful sight.

While this is not the most alluring blog post, I wanted to verbalize my newfound love for the Angels. Until next time!



I Would Like to Thank the Academy… Whoever They Are.

The Academy Awards

No  one even calls them that… so, The Oscars.

My goal here is just to do a short commentary, I’ll try not to end up ranting (which quite frequently happens).

I don’t know how many of you tuned in last Sunday night, but, if I may be so bold, you didn’t miss much. Most of the awards granted were not a surprise, the tribute to classics was depressingly unoriginal, and Seth MacFarlane, although I love him, was hardly mediocre.

Of course Daniel Day Lewis got Best Actor for his role in Lincoln, but I was personally a little surprised by Jennifer Lawrence’s win for Silver Linings Playbook. Now, don’t get me wrong, Jen is a fantastic actress… but come on, Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty?! That babe can act.

As for supporting roles; the male role was rightfully won by Christopher Waltz for Django Unchained, but I thought Amy Adams should have taken Best Supporting Actress. This may be because I have a weird dislike for Anne Hathaway, but seriously The Master, and Adams’ acting in it, was beyond remarkable.

But as for Seth MacFarlane… bro, come on, you’re the master behind Family Guy, Ted, and so much more, couldn’t you make your jokes, like, not suck? When MacFarlane wasn’t being completely boring a serious on stage, he was making imbecilic cracks at nothing unexpected, but also nothing original. That dazzling smile and unnatural ability to alter your vocal chords can’t win you everything.

Until next year!

Dream Dinner Date

Have you ever thought about ‘if you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?’

If I could meet, and briefly talk to, anyone in the world, it would be Barack Obama or Paul McCartney. However, if I could sit down over a plate of pineapple fried rice (my favorite dinner dish) and a glass of Merlot, it would be Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The first movie I ever saw him in was Along Came Polly, ya know, that mediocre rom-com with JenAn and Ben Stiller? He played a flamboyant child-star who is stuck in his glory days. I automatically had him pinned as a random one-hit actor who might appear as a guest start occasionally but never really make it big… this was before I was ever immersed in movies and culture. The next few years prior I began to gain more insight into movies, music, culture, etc. and I realized what an incredible human being Mr. Hoffman was.

Capote and The Master hold spots in my heart as some of the most insightful films I have ever seen. Philip Seymour Hoffman carries himself with such prestige and professionalism in both rolls, I can not even begin to explain. I could go on forever discussing both movies, but that is aside the point of this entry.

Honestly, I don’t exactly know how to discuss exactly why I want to have dinner with this virtuoso, he just seems so intelligent and astute.

This post was a little prosaic, but I felt the need to discuss it. Have a good day.

Christmas Shristmas

One of the most anticipated and hyperbolic holidays our world celebrates is undoubtedly Christmas, wouldn’t you agree? The holiday that began with the celebration of the birth of Christ has turned into a ridiculous competition for the best decorations and the most extravagant gifts. But this is all old news, everyone is aware of the lavishness of this holiday, we just choose to remain perpetual.

What if we didn’t celebrate Christmas for a year?

If you have kids aged 14 or younger, ignore this article, there is no need to take away a child’s Christmas cheer and experiences.

I am one of four kids, the second youngest, my younger sister is 16. Each passing year I find myself less and less interested in Christmas. Of course the decorations, music, and special events are all fun, but Christmas morning just becomes a morning that I’m not allowed to sleep in, and we all sit around dealing out gifts that are just not as exciting as they were when we were kids. Unfortunately, a Barbie Playhouse will no longer suffice, it has turned into the most recent technological advance or a few items of expensive clothing to get me excited. Why do we have to wait until December 25th to give out these gifts? I, personally, am exuberant with excitement when my mom gets me a surprise gift on a random day, much more so than I am on Christmas Day. Is that just me?

Today I suggested to my mom, ‘why don’t we skip Christmas this year, and instead take a family vacation somewhere we’ve never been?’ In a perfect world, everyone would  have an equal income, and everyone would be able to afford vacations; the point of this article is not necessarily to oppose the amount of money unnecessarily spent on gifts (while that is definitely an issue, it would greatly increase the length of this post), but instead to offer a substitute for an almost unnecessary holiday.

Gifts can be given at any time of the year – in fact, it would be much less of a financial burden and mental stressor to pace yourself throughout the year. However, this amount of family time is something that is often uncommon, especially when kids have moved out of the house. Spending time with family, on vacation or not, is the most important factor.

Again, I am not writing today to emphasize the unnecessary money spent on Christmas when there are starving children in the world, while that is definitely an issue. My conclusion is this – why not take this Christmas to spend time with your family while traveling and increasing your knowledge of world cultures and customs? Gifts can wait.

The Death Penalty

Don’t ask me why, but I have been thinking a lot about the 2012 California ruling/defeat of Prop 34, to eliminate the death penalty.

This is my preface for current and future political posts:While I am a registered Democrat and fully, 100% support President Barack Obama, I also greatly support the Green Party, and lovely Jill Stein. I am also extremely liberal.

Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely hate remorseless murders (and I don’t hate many things); however, I voted to eliminate the death penalty in the most recent election. I felt that I had enough reason to blog about this because it had been on my mind, and why not share my political sensibilities with my exiguous readers?

When one commits murder, they are almost indefinitely sent to prison for 25-to-life, regardless of the situation. We all know there are different types of murder: first degree “in cold blood”, self defense, second degree, accidental, etc. The lines drawn between these different types of murder and few and far between, which is why this proposition was so controversial – what if we execute an innocent person? There are also circumstances in which the murderer shows ultimate remorse, realizes what they have done, and accepts the consequences of the actions; these cases deserve more insight… I believe there is good in almost everyone, and while one might need to pay the consequences regardless, some punishments do not need to be as resilient. Murder trial, in general, is extremely touchy and difficult, but I am here to discuss why I think the death penalty should be eliminated.

Did you know that the annual cost of the present death penalty system are estimated to be $137 per year? Versus the cost of lifetime incarceration in a maximum security prison, which is estimated to be $11.5 million per year (deathpenaltyinfo.org). This is reason number one – as a taxpayer, I would personally much prefer my money to go to education or health care.

Now, I have never been to prison, I have never even stepped foot in one (something I would actually really like to do one day), so I can not tell you exactly what it is like to be incarcerated, especially a high security prison. But I have a pretty good feeling that it is not too enjoyable. However, many people who commit murder are struggling mentally, or dealing with a deeper self-crisis – these people often see death as an escape, hoping for a better life on the other side, whatever that may be. In executing them, we are giving [most] these despicable human beings exactly what they want, to die. A life sentence without the possibility of parole, on the other hand, seems like hell (at least to me, personally, I don’t know about you). So wouldn’t it make sense that a life sentence without parole would be a worse punishment than execution, in most cases? And isn’t that what remorseless murders deserve, a due punishment?

I am extremely perplexed that this proposition did not pass in California, but I accept a democracy nonetheless. I solely wanted to share my insight on this incredibly controversial subject, and I hope I have been able to make some people rethink their political sensibilities.

How To Dine-Out… The Right Way.

This is a long one, but I think it’s something everyone should really know, so bare with me… I tried to make it interesting/funny, which probably didn’t work out too well.

One activity that almost everyone in the world participates in is going out to eat, whether it be every day, nce every six months, a super-high-end-fancy fine dining restaurant, or a local taco shack, almost everyone does it. Similarly to retail, we don’t always think about the people working at these places and what they do to make sure we get what we want.

I work in a casual lunch/dinner restaurant, which also happens to be a big corperation – there are a lot of them all over. There are ups and downs to working for a large corperation, but that’s aside the point. I’m here to explain to all you ignorant restaurant-goers what it’s really like to work with the general public, because ya’ll suck.

My position at this restaurant is hostess and takeout. That means I’m either the one at the front of the restaurant taking names for the waitlist and bringing you to your table, or the one handeling all of the orders that people place to take-out.

Tip #1: If the host tells you there is a wait, but you see some empty tables, do not assume she just doesn’t like you or the way you smell and thus does not want to seat you at those tables. More than likely they are either reserved (for people smart enough to make a reservation) or the host is dealing with all the people at the front first, and then planning to make their way down the list and seat all of those tables with people that are ahead of you.

It is honestly the most annoying thing when people think they know your job better than you. Yes, sir, I see that there are empty tables, I will put your name down and you will be sat after the 50 people ahead of you. No, sir, you are a middle aged father here with your family, a wink and a few nice words will not get your name put at the top of the list.

Tip #2: The host choosees where you sit… you do not. But then again, the customer is always right, so you are allowed to say that you don’t like your table. However, when you first arrive at the restaurant, don’t tell the host you have a party of 2 then proceed to sweet talk your too-young-for-you girlfriend by saying “where do you want to sit, honey? A booth, upstairs, by the window?” That is you taking my job away from me… if you got to choose where you sat, what would be the point of a host?

A host is supposed to rotate between servers. This means that each server is designanted a section of the restaurant (usually an area with 5-10 tables) that they are responsible for. The host’s job is to make sure each server is sat equally by rotating through the sections. Servers often get mad at hosts for not seating them, they also need to understand this rule. Yes, the point of a host is to greet and seat, while rotating servers. But if there is something seriously wrong with your table, you are allowed to speak up.

Side note: My absolute favorite people are the ones who realize they’re being annoying and say “I’m so sorry but if it’s at all possible to sit elsewhere I’d really appreciate it.” I’m an understanding person, if you’re nice about it then you’re golden. It’s the self-riteous people that are the worst.

Tip #3: A wait time is an estimate made by the host by determining which tables will be getting up (usually by seeing who is finishing their meal/paying their check). Sometimes, especially if you work in a place with TV’s and there is a game on, people take longer and like to linger after they finish their meal. This can result in a scewed wait-time, someone might be done eating after an hour but continues to sit and hang out for another hour, messing up the wait time. Please try to be understanding of the wait time and realize that the host, contrary to populat belief, is not God, and they are most likely trying to seat you as soon as possible because they really just don’t want to deal with you anymore.

That’s all I have for you right now, but more might come up as I experience continued ignorancy in the restaurant industry. Everyone should really work in a restaurant at one time in their life, because, like I said, eating out is something we all do, and one should know how to treat the staff.

All in all, use your brains and be understanding when it comes to a complicated restaurant experience. Working with the general public is one of the toughest things to do out there. It takes a whole lotta restraint not to punch the shit out of every other person we deal with.


Hello there friends, welcome to my “blog”. The purpose of the quotation marks was to allude to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. The only blog I have ever really had and updated consistently is a typical tumblr account – I had a movie review/critique blog once… that lasted a total of 4 films. My intent in pursuing the blogosphere is to get a jump-start on some experience before pursuing any publication internships. I guess we’ll just have to see how this goes…

I can start by telling you a little about myself, I guess. My name’s Zoe, I’m 18 and a freshman at SMC in Los Angeles. Majoring in communications, I aspire to delve into an occupation involving journalism, advertising, and/or media. Sometimes I try to be funny, usually it doesn’t work out very well. I spend too much time on a computer and should really spend more time outside getting exercise, which I do rarely. The third of four kids, I come from a strange, mixed family, from which the ethnic background varies. I love dogs – I have two. I live in an apartment with four other girls… it can get crazy. I’m a perfectionist, movie-loving, passive aggressive, spiritual freak… so I apologize for any outwardly strange or displaced prose.

I’m posting my first couple of blogs all at once because I’m transferring them from another blogging website (I can never figure out how to use these things). But these posts unfortunately do not come quite as often… I try.



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