Christmas Shristmas

One of the most anticipated and hyperbolic holidays our world celebrates is undoubtedly Christmas, wouldn’t you agree? The holiday that began with the celebration of the birth of Christ has turned into a ridiculous competition for the best decorations and the most extravagant gifts. But this is all old news, everyone is aware of the lavishness of this holiday, we just choose to remain perpetual.

What if we didn’t celebrate Christmas for a year?

If you have kids aged 14 or younger, ignore this article, there is no need to take away a child’s Christmas cheer and experiences.

I am one of four kids, the second youngest, my younger sister is 16. Each passing year I find myself less and less interested in Christmas. Of course the decorations, music, and special events are all fun, but Christmas morning just becomes a morning that I’m not allowed to sleep in, and we all sit around dealing out gifts that are just not as exciting as they were when we were kids. Unfortunately, a Barbie Playhouse will no longer suffice, it has turned into the most recent technological advance or a few items of expensive clothing to get me excited. Why do we have to wait until December 25th to give out these gifts? I, personally, am exuberant with excitement when my mom gets me a surprise gift on a random day, much more so than I am on Christmas Day. Is that just me?

Today I suggested to my mom, ‘why don’t we skip Christmas this year, and instead take a family vacation somewhere we’ve never been?’ In a perfect world, everyone would  have an equal income, and everyone would be able to afford vacations; the point of this article is not necessarily to oppose the amount of money unnecessarily spent on gifts (while that is definitely an issue, it would greatly increase the length of this post), but instead to offer a substitute for an almost unnecessary holiday.

Gifts can be given at any time of the year – in fact, it would be much less of a financial burden and mental stressor to pace yourself throughout the year. However, this amount of family time is something that is often uncommon, especially when kids have moved out of the house. Spending time with family, on vacation or not, is the most important factor.

Again, I am not writing today to emphasize the unnecessary money spent on Christmas when there are starving children in the world, while that is definitely an issue. My conclusion is this – why not take this Christmas to spend time with your family while traveling and increasing your knowledge of world cultures and customs? Gifts can wait.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Shristmas

  1. Even though the Birth of Christ is extremely important to me, the new commercialized expectations that society has made us captives of, are making me want to avoid the holiday myself. In fact I get sad by the focus on gift giving and not on singing carols and being grateful and enjoying those we love spending time with, not those we are forced to because a holiday dictates we SHOULD!! Lol …But maybe that’s just me? I also would rather a random surprise than a morning of expectation and probable disappointment, cause I usually get stuck trying to find a place for all the new stuff we didn’t really need or want in the first place. A vacation is a Crackin idea!! Keep up the good work!

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