I Would Like to Thank the Academy… Whoever They Are.

The Academy Awards

No  one even calls them that… so, The Oscars.

My goal here is just to do a short commentary, I’ll try not to end up ranting (which quite frequently happens).

I don’t know how many of you tuned in last Sunday night, but, if I may be so bold, you didn’t miss much. Most of the awards granted were not a surprise, the tribute to classics was depressingly unoriginal, and Seth MacFarlane, although I love him, was hardly mediocre.

Of course Daniel Day Lewis got Best Actor for his role in Lincoln, but I was personally a little surprised by Jennifer Lawrence’s win for Silver Linings Playbook. Now, don’t get me wrong, Jen is a fantastic actress… but come on, Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty?! That babe can act.

As for supporting roles; the male role was rightfully won by Christopher Waltz for Django Unchained, but I thought Amy Adams should have taken Best Supporting Actress. This may be because I have a weird dislike for Anne Hathaway, but seriously The Master, and Adams’ acting in it, was beyond remarkable.

But as for Seth MacFarlane… bro, come on, you’re the master behind Family Guy, Ted, and so much more, couldn’t you make your jokes, like, not suck? When MacFarlane wasn’t being completely boring a serious on stage, he was making imbecilic cracks at nothing unexpected, but also nothing original. That dazzling smile and unnatural ability to alter your vocal chords can’t win you everything.

Until next year!


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