Take Me Out!

For those of you who don’t know… I’m an 18 year old girl from Southern California. Why does that matter exactly? Because I’d like to emphasize that 95% of girls (especially the ones I know) under the age of 20 don’t give a shit about professional sports, unless the players are hot or publicized more so than other (*cough* Kobe *cough*). I am one of these girls. Professional sports go right over my head, for the most part. I work in a sports-bar style restaurant where we only play games and where people come to watch games and enjoy a moderately priced meal. I’m the kind of girl who offers to work on the day of the Super Bowl because I would have no plans to watch it. I like sports, don’t get me wrong, and games are always fun to attend, but I just don’t really understand them nor know any players, so I’m a little on-the-outs when I hang out with guys and watch games.

There is one exception; and that would be baseball.

Baseball is just great, I don’t even know how to explain why, it just is. Games are always a blast, you just get to eat hotdogs, drink beer, observe millions of attractive guys, and buy overpriced merchandise. I actually enjoy the sport too. I just like the way a game is laid out… you get to see a team play in two different ways – batting and fielding. Now I’d just like to preface that I’m not a crazy wild fanatic that NEEDS one certain team to win every single time, I just like to watch the game. I have some favorite teams, of course, and there are only a few that I just can not stand, but I’m always open to learning about a new team. Like yesterday…

I went to my first Angels game! I have always supported my home teams (Padres and Dodgers), but ever since I moved to LA, all of my new friends are crazy Angels fans! Anaheim is halfway between my home in San Diego and my home in LA… why not give them a shot? SO much fun. I’ve never been a girl that wears a lot of red, but seeing a stadium full of red was fascinating somehow… beautiful, really! I went with a few friends, one of them a die-hard fan, so she helped me learn everything I needed to know about the team and really got me to like them. Getting to know the players helps a lot too, when attending your first game somewhere.

Can we just take a minute to wonder how the Angels somehow scored 99% of all attractive professional baseball players? CJ Wilson, Peter Bourjos, Josh Hamilton, Mark Trumbo, Howard Kendrick, Ryan Madson, Sean Burnett, John Hester, Andrew Romine, and my personal favorite Mike Trout. Seriously, guys… it’s a beautiful sight.

While this is not the most alluring blog post, I wanted to verbalize my newfound love for the Angels. Until next time!



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