Arrogant Assholes and Guns

I don’t know how many of you (my millions of subscribers) live in the Los Angeles area, or in Southern California in general, so you might not have heard the news of the school shooting that happened early today.

At Santa Monica College, early this morning, some crazy bastard shot 3+ people on the schools campus, in the library. He has since been detained, but there is not much news on the victims.

Guess what – that’s MY school. Yeah, I go to SMC. Thankfully I’ve been home all morning, and my friends are all good.

This event seriously begs the question regarding gun contorol. I’d really like to hear your thoughts (again, aimed at the obvious huge flow of people that read my blog). This is what I have to say:

These school shootings have gone too far. Yes, it is our constitutional right to own weapons; but guess what… the constitution has been, and can still be, amended. I don’t exactly know how I feel about changing the second amendment particularly… all I know it that the only people who should own guns are people who actually need them, so pretty much just anyone who works for the government.

We do not need to own guns! Even if a family owns a small hand gun for safety purposes, it has been proven that you are way more likely to shoot a member of your family than an actual intruder. This is because guns are so easy, you just stand 10+ feet away and pull the trigger, you don’t even have to think about it really. People should be using small knives and pepper spray for self defense, things that you need to be relatively close for and that can injure, but not necessarily kill a subject.

Consider this: You are home and asleep in your bed. It’s 2am. You hear a door slowly open and close, like someone was trying to come in quietly. You reach into your bed stand and un-tape the gun that is holstered to the top of the drawer. Slowly creeping down the stairs, you see a shadowy figure digging through a drawer or walking around, seemingly suspicious. Suddenly, the shadowy figure makes one wrong movement that convinces you that they are a threat. You fire your gun, multiple times to insure you don’t miss, since you’ve never shot a gun before. The lights turn on. You just shot your 16 year-old daughter who was sneaking back into the house after visiting her boyfriend, and didn’t want you to know she had snuck out.

That image just triggered some emotions, huh? If you had a small knife or pepper spray, 1) you would have to get way closer, at which point you might notice it was not an intruder, or 2) you might end up wounding her slightly or pepper-spraying her, but those things are mendable, and she will forgive you. You might not have that luxury if you used a gun.

All in all, I believe guns should be used by government agents and police officers only. I am even against hunting, but that’s a completely different topic. Approximately 8,000 people are killed every year in the United States by gun violence. 8,000 people… every year… only in the United States… That’s 8,000 brothers, sisters, moms, dad, uncles, aunts, daughters, sons, step siblings, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and the list goes on.

Push for nonviolent efforts… It has the ability to drastically change our country’s problem with guns.


Occupy My Philosophy Paper

It’s 4am. I am currently posted at UCLA Powell Library working on my philosophy paper. This is me procrastinating, but ultimately doing the same type of work by writing about the same topic… right?

I am in a Philosophy of Nonviolent Resistance class. Have you ever had one of those classes that you throughly enjoyed attending and felt like you’ve learned more in one class than you have in however many years of life you may have lived by that point, but still struggle for a decent grade because your teacher, as sweet and peaceful as she may be, is out to fail every single one of her students? It’s one of those clases. Ain’t life a bitch?

Anywho, you didn’t come here to read my rants, or maybe you did, I don’t really know, or care.

Well this paper I’m writing, for my final, is about the Occupy Wall Street movement in concurrence with Gene Sharp’s Waging Nonviolent Struggle. I’ve been doing a lot of research into this social movement, subsequently coming across the obvious information – wealth is not evenly distributed, the rich are getting out of fair taxes, the lower class is getting exploited, blah blah blah – but what really surprised me were the numbers. As of 2012, 1% of the nation (that’s about 3 million suits), holds ownership over 42% of the countries total financial wealth.


What? Is that not completely baffling to everyone? Well it must be, it started one of the largest exhibitions of nonviolent resistance America has ever seen.

Let’s pretend that there is exactly 1,000,000 people living in the United States today, and the total amount of financial wealth equalled $500,000,000. If these obscure numbers were true… 10,000 Americans would be in control of $210,000,000. That is to say that 1/100th of the population is in control of about 1/2 of the money.

Why?! How is that constitutionally right? Oh yeah, there’s no amendement defining how America should distribute wealth and income… Well that foils that argument.

But what happened to human rights? The natural rights that everyone is born with and entitled to for the length of their lives? One of those happens to be the right for everyone to have equal opportunity for success, but if the Wall Street moguls are hoarding the money and privatizing any and all businesses to make them less accessible to everyone else, how can we all have an equal opportunity for success?

This post is just a bunch of unanswered questions, really. I don’t really know what I’m talking about. All I know is that it is completely possible for someone to be financially successful and still liberal in a way that recognizes those less fortunate.

Now I’m going to be real here for a second, just try not to perceive me as a pretentious brat… My mom earns well over average income annually – we are just about away from being “the 1%”. How is it that she stays so incredibly humble, giving, and loving? Well who knows because obviously other people haven’t shown anywhere near the same level of compassion. Is it really that hard to stop thinking about your income, your investments, and yourself for 30 seconds and think about the millions of people in America who are forced out of their homes (maybe because they were unable to get healthcare and thus lost all of their money paying medical bills) to live on the streets and beg for food to feed their children?

I don’t know how some of the people on Wall Street are so successful and yet so completely ignorant at the same time. Educate yourselves. The world doesn’t revolve around you, princess. Thanks.

Christmas Shristmas

One of the most anticipated and hyperbolic holidays our world celebrates is undoubtedly Christmas, wouldn’t you agree? The holiday that began with the celebration of the birth of Christ has turned into a ridiculous competition for the best decorations and the most extravagant gifts. But this is all old news, everyone is aware of the lavishness of this holiday, we just choose to remain perpetual.

What if we didn’t celebrate Christmas for a year?

If you have kids aged 14 or younger, ignore this article, there is no need to take away a child’s Christmas cheer and experiences.

I am one of four kids, the second youngest, my younger sister is 16. Each passing year I find myself less and less interested in Christmas. Of course the decorations, music, and special events are all fun, but Christmas morning just becomes a morning that I’m not allowed to sleep in, and we all sit around dealing out gifts that are just not as exciting as they were when we were kids. Unfortunately, a Barbie Playhouse will no longer suffice, it has turned into the most recent technological advance or a few items of expensive clothing to get me excited. Why do we have to wait until December 25th to give out these gifts? I, personally, am exuberant with excitement when my mom gets me a surprise gift on a random day, much more so than I am on Christmas Day. Is that just me?

Today I suggested to my mom, ‘why don’t we skip Christmas this year, and instead take a family vacation somewhere we’ve never been?’ In a perfect world, everyone would  have an equal income, and everyone would be able to afford vacations; the point of this article is not necessarily to oppose the amount of money unnecessarily spent on gifts (while that is definitely an issue, it would greatly increase the length of this post), but instead to offer a substitute for an almost unnecessary holiday.

Gifts can be given at any time of the year – in fact, it would be much less of a financial burden and mental stressor to pace yourself throughout the year. However, this amount of family time is something that is often uncommon, especially when kids have moved out of the house. Spending time with family, on vacation or not, is the most important factor.

Again, I am not writing today to emphasize the unnecessary money spent on Christmas when there are starving children in the world, while that is definitely an issue. My conclusion is this – why not take this Christmas to spend time with your family while traveling and increasing your knowledge of world cultures and customs? Gifts can wait.

The Death Penalty

Don’t ask me why, but I have been thinking a lot about the 2012 California ruling/defeat of Prop 34, to eliminate the death penalty.

This is my preface for current and future political posts:While I am a registered Democrat and fully, 100% support President Barack Obama, I also greatly support the Green Party, and lovely Jill Stein. I am also extremely liberal.

Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely hate remorseless murders (and I don’t hate many things); however, I voted to eliminate the death penalty in the most recent election. I felt that I had enough reason to blog about this because it had been on my mind, and why not share my political sensibilities with my exiguous readers?

When one commits murder, they are almost indefinitely sent to prison for 25-to-life, regardless of the situation. We all know there are different types of murder: first degree “in cold blood”, self defense, second degree, accidental, etc. The lines drawn between these different types of murder and few and far between, which is why this proposition was so controversial – what if we execute an innocent person? There are also circumstances in which the murderer shows ultimate remorse, realizes what they have done, and accepts the consequences of the actions; these cases deserve more insight… I believe there is good in almost everyone, and while one might need to pay the consequences regardless, some punishments do not need to be as resilient. Murder trial, in general, is extremely touchy and difficult, but I am here to discuss why I think the death penalty should be eliminated.

Did you know that the annual cost of the present death penalty system are estimated to be $137 per year? Versus the cost of lifetime incarceration in a maximum security prison, which is estimated to be $11.5 million per year ( This is reason number one – as a taxpayer, I would personally much prefer my money to go to education or health care.

Now, I have never been to prison, I have never even stepped foot in one (something I would actually really like to do one day), so I can not tell you exactly what it is like to be incarcerated, especially a high security prison. But I have a pretty good feeling that it is not too enjoyable. However, many people who commit murder are struggling mentally, or dealing with a deeper self-crisis – these people often see death as an escape, hoping for a better life on the other side, whatever that may be. In executing them, we are giving [most] these despicable human beings exactly what they want, to die. A life sentence without the possibility of parole, on the other hand, seems like hell (at least to me, personally, I don’t know about you). So wouldn’t it make sense that a life sentence without parole would be a worse punishment than execution, in most cases? And isn’t that what remorseless murders deserve, a due punishment?

I am extremely perplexed that this proposition did not pass in California, but I accept a democracy nonetheless. I solely wanted to share my insight on this incredibly controversial subject, and I hope I have been able to make some people rethink their political sensibilities.