Arrogant Assholes and Guns

I don’t know how many of you (my millions of subscribers) live in the Los Angeles area, or in Southern California in general, so you might not have heard the news of the school shooting that happened early today.

At Santa Monica College, early this morning, some crazy bastard shot 3+ people on the schools campus, in the library. He has since been detained, but there is not much news on the victims.

Guess what – that’s MY school. Yeah, I go to SMC. Thankfully I’ve been home all morning, and my friends are all good.

This event seriously begs the question regarding gun contorol. I’d really like to hear your thoughts (again, aimed at the obvious huge flow of people that read my blog). This is what I have to say:

These school shootings have gone too far. Yes, it is our constitutional right to own weapons; but guess what… the constitution has been, and can still be, amended. I don’t exactly know how I feel about changing the second amendment particularly… all I know it that the only people who should own guns are people who actually need them, so pretty much just anyone who works for the government.

We do not need to own guns! Even if a family owns a small hand gun for safety purposes, it has been proven that you are way more likely to shoot a member of your family than an actual intruder. This is because guns are so easy, you just stand 10+ feet away and pull the trigger, you don’t even have to think about it really. People should be using small knives and pepper spray for self defense, things that you need to be relatively close for and that can injure, but not necessarily kill a subject.

Consider this: You are home and asleep in your bed. It’s 2am. You hear a door slowly open and close, like someone was trying to come in quietly. You reach into your bed stand and un-tape the gun that is holstered to the top of the drawer. Slowly creeping down the stairs, you see a shadowy figure digging through a drawer or walking around, seemingly suspicious. Suddenly, the shadowy figure makes one wrong movement that convinces you that they are a threat. You fire your gun, multiple times to insure you don’t miss, since you’ve never shot a gun before. The lights turn on. You just shot your 16 year-old daughter who was sneaking back into the house after visiting her boyfriend, and didn’t want you to know she had snuck out.

That image just triggered some emotions, huh? If you had a small knife or pepper spray, 1) you would have to get way closer, at which point you might notice it was not an intruder, or 2) you might end up wounding her slightly or pepper-spraying her, but those things are mendable, and she will forgive you. You might not have that luxury if you used a gun.

All in all, I believe guns should be used by government agents and police officers only. I am even against hunting, but that’s a completely different topic. Approximately 8,000 people are killed every year in the United States by gun violence. 8,000 people… every year… only in the United States… That’s 8,000 brothers, sisters, moms, dad, uncles, aunts, daughters, sons, step siblings, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and the list goes on.

Push for nonviolent efforts… It has the ability to drastically change our country’s problem with guns.