The Life of a College Student

My mom is always telling me how she is worried about me because I pull a lot of all-nighters and don’t have “time” to exercise. That may or may not be justified… It probably is.

Some of you may be aware that the last colleges to go on summer break are finally almost there – finals week. Quite literally the most stressful time of a students life. And guess what? They get to go through this stressful period of life anywhere between 8 and 15 different times over the course of their undergraduate career (depending on semester vs. quarter and if you stay an extra year and whatnot). 

I just think it’s funny, in a slightly unsanitary way, how college students, including myself, live their lives around finals. Let me just walk you through an example of a couple of days, let’s say the week before finals:

Thursday: wake up, get ready, go to class or whatever school obligation you might have, go to the library, start studying, notice you’re hungry around 11pm (when all the places on campus are closed), head to the vending machine for a snickers and pepsi, head back to the library, drag on through the night, watch the sun rise, get coffee, go to class maybe around 10am or 11am, and repeat. Notice the lack of showering and teeth-brushing included in that plan? Oh, you also sometimes go 48+ hours without changing (girls, this is not a good week to go boyfriend hunting.)

I usually plan my schedule for a full day and night of studying, then in the morning I go home and shower and relax for maybe a moment or two, then start studying, then realize I have work until midnight, come home from work and crash until 8am when I force myself to get up and study more. Rinse and repeat, my friends.

All of this for the hope that you might earn that A… an unlikely future for me. But hey, let’s stay positive? 

The weird thing is… you major barely even matters. Unless you’re pre-med or something smart like that then let’s face it, you learn all you need to know in the real world. Yeah, school teaches you a lot of cool stuff, and I really do enjoy, learning it; but I wan’t to go into marketing and advertising… how much do you think my sociology or philosophy professors are going to teach me about that? Nada.

So for you parents who are worried about your kids strange habits, I assue you they are okay (hopefully… unless something is seriously wrong, then you should probably get that checked out.) 

In a society where being successful in school has been made so crucial, students are put under immense amounts of stress for something that doesn’t really matter that much. Think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love school and I’m planning to graduate in 3 years! But to all those parents who still ride their kids about that one B+… Stop. You’re annoying and no one likes you. Your child can handle themselves.

That being said, I should probably get back to studying. I don’t know if you can tell, but I use WordPress when I’m still in the study zone but don’t actually feel like doing work. Whatever. Off to fry my brain just a little bit more! Bisous.