Hey, It’s Me!

Hello WordPress world. This is my blog.

I am soon to be a college sophomore.

Psychology major with a focus is biological and abnormal psychology.

I want to go in to marketing/advertising.

I think I’m kind of funny… maybe a little? Maybe not.

I enjoy Breaking Bad, ice cream, baths during winter, the ocean, french bulldogs, and my dogs.

I am a Democrat and extremely liberal in all regards.

I am very passive-agressive when it comes to arguments, because I am 100% a people pleaser.

I fully believe in the effectiveness of nonviolence.

I don’t believe in God, in case that wards you off or offends you or something.

I hope you enjoy my mediocre, disorganized, arbitrary blog.

Photo on 3-22-13 at 1.20 PM #2


Holla at me.

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